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Peace and Love = Smooth Action

Love can be seen as a manifestation of nothing into something.

There is no reason behind true love, and this is just another way that love can be inexplicable.

When we feel love from within, we know it, because it causes us to move, it causes us to think, it causes us to create, it causes us to transform.

Love heightens our senses and triggers our emotions uncontrollably, thus love causes “action.”

Peace, on the contrary, is governed by pulling-back or “inaction,” to create a harmony and sense of balance between anything that is in motion. Outside of anything being at complete rest, the purpose of peace would be to create “smoothness” between those things in motion.

So on this Valentines Day, I send Peace and Love, and wish you all an evening of “smooth action!” 😉



I know I’m running late, but with only a few hours to go, I will make my prediction right NOW, at 12:30pm EST on Feb 4th for this evening’s match ups. That way, if you want to see how well I do in the LEAST amount of time, just check the outcomes against my predictions later tonight to see how well I did. I think it starts at 7pm EST. I did pretty well on my picks for UFC 142, so let’s see what happens this time! I am not attending, nor am I watching these fights, but my 11 predictions for UFC 143 are as follows:

1) Rafael Natal wins over Michael Kuiper by judges decision

2) Stephen Thompson wins over Dan Stittgen by knock out by Round 2

3) Matt Brown beats Chris Cope until he can submit by rear naked choke in Round 1

4) Edwin Figueroa beats Alex Caceres after three rounds by judges decision

5) Matt Riddle defeats Henry Martinez by knockout in Round 1

6) Dustin Poirier defeats  Max Holloway by submission by Round 2

7) Clifford Starks beats Ed Herman by TKO or KO-to-submission by Round 3

8) Renan Barao will defeat Scott Jorgensen after three rounds by judges decision

9) Josh Koscheck will beat Mike Pierce by K-O to submission by end of Round 2

10) Fabricio Werdum will win over Roy Nelson by round one submission- maybe an anaconda choke

11) Nick Diaz will beat Carlos Condit by knock-out in Round 3

May “the force” be with them!

POST 2-5-12: I made the whole prediction in a rush, and so I know I didn’t call many of the outcomes to specs, but from a WIN/LOSS perspective, it seems I called 9 out of 11 wins, but missed on both Condit’s and Herman’s win. Congratulations to all of the winners! Especially to Condit, for a tremendous win against Diaz! I will come back and analyze my more exact misses, but I don’t think I did too  badly for twenty minutes of meditative guessing and knowing only a few of the contenders by name! B+!

For now, I am both excited and nervous about my controversial Super Bowl prediction… Either way it goes, however, be it the Patriots or the Giants, I will come away having learned something…


It has been such a busy couple of weeks for me, and so I am getting to this blog WAY past the time I was expecting to. Regardless, I am ready to test myself once again, for better or for worse, to see if my (so far, AVERAGE) football predicting abilities will create for me an interesting win…

Nonetheless, one of my favorite quotes of all time, comes from a French “clown-philosopher” named Jacques LeCoq. He states, “It’s not whether you win or fail, but that when you fail, you fail magnificently.”

Well, in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, I feel I may have gone back and forth too many times… I may have simply over-thought it to the point that I’ll come out incorrect no matter which direction I choose! So I will head the words of Jacques Le Coq, as I make this week’s last-minute Super Bowl Prediction, on this Saturday morning, February 4th, the DAY BEFORE the big day…

When I feel that I have “over-thought” a predicted outcome, I often find the best thing for me to do is to simply go with my very FIRST guess. In this case, I ran into a problem because although I have great respect for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, I have a desire for the Giants to win this year. That said, it’s important, when making predictions, not to rely in the direction of what you desire. This is similar to why it’s been said that it’s important to not let one’s imagination affect any attempts at being clairvoyant.

No matter, football games are about the most difficult 2-way predictions to make. By the playoffs, all the teams are at the top of their divisions, and ANYTHING can spoil the team you’re betting on. In my, so far, four football-prediction attempts this year, only two were successful. Making this Super Bowl Prediction a nerve-racking one for me.

The reason why I’m so nervous about this, is because I’m about to bet against my desired-thought, which was also my FIRST-thought, just to see if a funny omen I had might represent “significant information.” The omen was that, weeks ago, although I had already predicted the Giants would win in my mind, I asked my 6 year old nephew what his pick was, and he told me that he thought the win was going to go to The Patriots. The thing is, when I asked him, I did so secretly to see if he would agree with my pick.  When he didn’t go with my pick, I found myself struck with the notion that this might be a sign that my pick would be over-turned. Since then The Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski suffered an injury during their most recent game against the Baltimore Ravens, and the New York Giants seem to be getting the majority of the win-votes, at least from those recently who I’ve spoken to. But my 6 year old nephew confidently told me that he thought the Patriots would win… Hmmmm…

I predict that this will be a turbulent game, filled with multiple interceptions from both sides. Tom Brady needs to watch out for losing his composure if he gets sacked too much. Though he will be throwing his share of touch-down passes, many will go incomplete. The Giants are going to start off very aggressively. They will be in the lead by half time, but I am going to predict (based on my nephew’s insights) that there may be a “spoiler moment,” (maybe a significant interception or field goal), that may turn the scoreboard against the Giants by the end.

Yesterday, I was on Baltimore’s 98 ROCK Morning Show, and when they asked me about the Super Bowl, I blurted out, “Patriots over Giants by under 7.” So I guess we’ll see what side the coin lands on. Either way, I’m learning something from this!

Final Score: 31 to 28, New England Patriots! (against my initial judgement)

POST 2-5-12 (Post Game):

I always notify my readers through Facebook and Twitter whenever I post these predictions. Please “Like Me” on Facebook at or “Follow Me” on Twitter at!/alain_nu.

Although the outcome of my stated prediction turned out unsuccessfully, DOESN’T that help prove to you, my readers, that this prediction-blog isn’t fixed? Here, at “Nu Predicts,” I simply blog about what I think will be a future outcome, and then respond to how I feel it turned out. And I plan to do it over and over again to collect as many predictions as I can win or fail. There are no “magic tricks” here.

So what’s the point?

Obviously, I am interested in developing a method, or at least instill certain rules, so I might learn to be more confident at making accurate predictions of uncertain outcomes. I said at the very beginning of this entry as part of my initial prediction: Whenever you feel you have over-thought a prediction, simply try to go back to your very first thought and stick with that! So here, you get to see me learn the hard way, NEVER to let my own uncertainty, be over-ruled by superstitions, of any kind, like “omens.” The power of one’s purest initial instinct is your most trusted source when the outcome is completely uncertain.

What I found interesting about this is this was that the first half was almost as I had predicted with the Giants mostly holding a significant lead. Within the final minute, The Patriots had the ball, and if a touchdown was caught, it would have been a spoiler for the Giants. But Eli Manning and the Giants came out with a well-deserved victory!

For something that appears from the outside to be easy to predict, the sport of football is VERY TOUGH to predict, but I learned something here about the way I think: Sometimes I use information around me as an oracle to help me gain insight. This is not a bad thing to do necessarily, but it should never override an outcome already inside me. I tend to do that sometimes, and this time, it cost me a successful prediction. Herein ends my “magnificent FAIL.”


Inexplicable Love Stories

I must admit making predictions on a regular basis can wear a guy out!

I have been performing at a few private events in and around DC, and am planning a Morning Show appearance on Baltimore’s 98 Rock sometime very soon. I also plan on adding more predictions VERY SOON, but for now, since my blog got quiet for a week, I offer you a couple of true moments from my life…


Inexplicable Love Stories

When I was sixteen, it was the eighties. The Clash, The Cars… Journey… I met a friendly, flirtatious, and free-spirited girl named Susan, who became a friend of mine through another mutual friend, and on this afternoon, I was traveling by bus past the University of Maryland to Beltway Plaza to meet her.

She was fairly attractive but we were just friends. I had spent a good part of my boyhood, being attracted to various members of the opposite sex but never found myself in a serious relationship. As I looked out the window, the passing scenery always caused my mind to wander, and today I was thinking about “the one” – that one person who I would fall in love with and one day ask to marry me. Who was she? Could it be Susan?

Doubtful. I always had a vision of who I was going to end up as my wife from the very beginning of my childhood. The girl in my dreams was a blonde, and Susan was a brunette. The girl in my dreams was a musician, and Susan only liked listening to music. But the girl in my dreams was also, it seemed, what any guy in the world could want, and on top of that completely out of reach for a quirky, geeky boy like myself.

The bus pulled over in front of the mall, and there, waiting for me was Susan, wearing a lavender tee-shirt from Ocean City, MD, with a decal of a unicorn on the front. Susan was 15, tallish, with mouse-brown hair about shoulder length. Stepping off the bus, I remember thinking that she was a bit too tall for my taste, or perhaps I was a bit too short for her. We walked behind the shopping center, cutting through the back-way to get into the Springhill Lake Apartments where she lived, when suddenly, I saw her. The girl of my dreams! I seemed to just know it as soon as I saw her. I remember the feeling because it felt impossible, even though I had no reason or proof, and rationally speaking, I had no right to know where any of it was going. Even her name, Tanya, sounded right to me. She was so beautiful, long straight blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans, and carrying a violin case. We went over to Tanya’s home and met her mother. She was an also attractive blonde woman who spoke with a passionate and opinionated German accent, yet she welcomed me into their little apartment as if I was already a member of the family. I found it difficult to maintain a cool composure around Tanya as her mother made us tea – I was just so certain of my knowing that she was the one I had always dreamed of, but how could I tell her this? Just then, I found out that although she was attending high school and just a year behind me, Tanya had skipped a few grades and was only thirteen years old. I had an attraction to Tanya that I had never felt before for anyone else. I remember thinking at the time, “It’s too bad she’s too young for me.” I also wasn’t sure what she even thought of me, but I did feel we connected somehow, so what more could I do at this point but to leave it to chance? Before Susan and I moved on, I casually left Tanya my phone number and prayed that she would call me… Twelve years later, we were married, and we’ve remained married since.

Fast-forward to recently. When my daughter was four years old, I had a funny experience that happened within a dream. It was early in the morning, around 5 am, and I was in one of those half awake, half asleep states in which I knew that I was dreaming of these funny brightly-colored cartoon-like dinosaurs, but sensible enough to wonder why I was dreaming of these peculiar images and I remember wondering why these things were in my head. As I lay there, slightly confused from the content of my dream, I started to wake up more and realized my daughter must have slid in bed next to me in the middle of the night as she was now asleep with her head touching mine. Suddenly, while still asleep, I heard her whisper, “Dinosaurs.”

Did my daughter just read my thoughts while talking in her sleep, or perhaps, could I have been tapping into my four year old daughter’s dream? As much as I enjoy occasionally contemplating dinosaurs on my own, it seemed less likely that I was the one dreaming of dinosaurs, especially cartoon ones, so it seemed logical to assume that in that fleeting moment, I was the one who was seeing into my daughter’s subconscious thoughts, and not the other way around. But either way it doesn’t matter. I simply love the feeling at being amazed enough within a moment that it causes me to contemplate how little we know about everything around us.


To kick off the new year for 2012, I promised myself that I would make twelve real and open predictions all of which were blogged and then promoted through Facebook and Twitter in advance. I challenged myself by saying that these all needed to be submitted before the 12th day of 2012, last Thursday. You see, without giving myself a goal like this, I probably would have never started blogging! But low and behold, I even managed to get in a few more than 12 predictions by Jan 11th!

Recent scientific research on the study of “chance” has proven that we have a capacity that is strangely above what would be considered average (50/50) and that most ordinary human beings will show an ability that is strange in that they will consistently be able to predict completely uncertain outcomes at sometimes over 4% above average!

So with myself as the guinea pig, I set out to see how well I would do, making sure that most all of my forecasts would unfold over this past weekend. Thus, I chose to make predictions on the five main fight cards for the Ultimate Fighting Championships 142 (mixed martial arts), the four scheduled NFL Playoff Games, and the awards given at the Golden Globe Awards. It settled on fifteen total predictions – originally, there were 13 official predictions made, but one “outlier” Golden Globe prediction which I mentioned at the end of that same entry did actually uncannily manifest (regarding Emma Stone’s dress) PLUS my prediction regarding Best Actress mentioned BOTH Best Actresses that were given awards, so in that case, I managed to unintentionally get TWO for one!

POST 1-21-12: I made 15 open predictions (the 13 original, plus one unintentional success and one successful outlier) “from the savage to the sublime” before Jan 11th, that would be revealed one by one over last weekend (Jan 14 and 15, 2012). Let’s now examine how well I did overall…

My goal was to make 12 predictions before the 12th day of 2012, which would subsequently be seen to unfold and manifest. Once I chose the 4 NFL Playoffs, the 5 main fight match-ups for UFC 142, and 6 Golden Globe prognostications, I ended up entering 15 predictions knowing that all outcomes could be retrospectively checked after the weekend was over.

You can go through and read each entry along with my “post-prediction analysis” as everything has been updated below, but my overall predictions score is as follows:

NFL Playoffs 1-14-12 and 1-15-12:
New England Patriots over Denver Broncos: SUCCESSFUL
New Orleans Saints over San Francisco 49ers: UNSUCCESSFUL
Green Bay Packers over New York Giants: UNSUCCESSFUL
Baltimore Ravens over Houston Texans: SUCCESSFUL

Golden Globe Awards 1-15-12:
Best Actress (Comedy) Michelle Williams: SUCCESSFUL
Best Actress (Drama) Meryl Streep: SUCCESSFUL (UNINTENTIONAL)
Best Actor George Clooney: SUCCESSFUL
Best Director Martin Scorcese: SUCCESSFUL
Best Picture “The Descendants”: SUCCESSFUL
“Bird” worn on “Body” (Emma Stone): SUCCESSFUL (OUTLIER)

UFC 142 Match-Ups 1-14-12:
Silva TKO’s Prater: “technically” SUCCESSFUL (see below)
Barboza knocks out Etim: SUCCESSFUL
Palhares submits Massenzio: SUCCESSFUL
Johnson TKO’s Belfort: UNSUCCESSFUL
Aldo defeats Mendes by Round 2: SUCCESSFUL

So out of 15 total predictions, 12 predictions DID correctly manifest by the 12th day of 2012!!!

And just what does that mean?

Well, it means you can be sure that I’ll be making more predictions in the coming weeks and months!

Please keep checking back!

My apologies if this prediction sounds ambiguous. The GOP has been experiencing a turbulent race for those running against Mitt Romney. It has become pretty apparent that Romney has all the qualifiers to become the GOP nominee elected to oppose Obama in November. But I can’t help but feel that “something” is going to happen with regards to Ron Paul… I am sensing that something surprising IS GOING TO HAPPEN, and I can’t help but feel that it will involve Ron Paul… I guess we’ll see…

POST 1-19-12: Nothing surprising in that Ron Paul runs “off the beaten track,” but this past week was nothing short of surprise after surprise… especially with Ron Paul.

Firstly, results from the Jan 10, 2012 New Hampshire Republican Primary listed Ron Paul as coming in 2nd Place at 22.9% to Mitt Romney who had 39.3% and with John Huntsman trailing behind him with 16.9%. My prediction appeared on this blog on Jan 11, just after this was reported.

Monday’s article on John Huntsman, who took THIRD place in New Hampshire, with the other three hopefuls trailing significantly behind suddenly announced his dropping out:
As the article states, “Now unless the pack of three bringing up the rear in the race can see a resurgence of success on the road to the South Carolina primary, the path to the Republican Party nomination seems certain to be a two-man race between Romney and Paul.”

It clearly seemed as if Ron Paul was gaining momentum here.

But come Monday’s South Carolina debate, Ron Paul got repeatedly “booed” each time he answered questions on foreign policy. Rick Perry even suggested that a “gong” be used to get him to stop talking. Can that qualify as “surprising”? Read this article:

Meanwhile, Ron Paul does makes a “surprising” maneuver himself. He leaves South Carolina…

As Juana Summers of Politico mentions, “His listless approach to South Carolina isn’t going to change dramatically before Saturday’s primary: The Texas congressman is leaving the campaign trail Wednesday to return to Washington for a largely symbolic vote on the debt ceiling increase. Paul’s campaign says he’ll be back in the state Thursday morning, but that doesn’t leave much time for retail since there’s a debate scheduled that evening.” Read more:


I have a guilty pleasure. I love watching mixed martial arts. I know, it can appear pretty barbaric, but fortunately it’s not the same as it was when it first started. Nowadays, they have weight-classes, and rules like “no knees to the head of grounded opponent” which keeps it a little more sportsman-like. Plus it’s interesting to see match-ups wherein an elite striker knock-out artist goes up against a submissions specialist. In many ways, and because of the allotted time in the cage fighting, it’s quite possible that MMA is actually safer than boxing!

My predictions for UFC 142 are as follows:

Although I’m unfamiliar with the first two fights, I will take the hunch that Erick Silva will beat Carlo Prater by TKO and Edson Barboza will beat Terry Etim by knock out… that, or it’ll be the other way around.

Rousimar Palhares will defeat Mike Massenzio by submission before end of round one (I’m feeling either by rear-naked choke or triangle).

Anthony Johnson will defeat Vitor Belfort by TKO or Belfort will win after judges decision. Here, I AM going out on a limb. Belfort is a distinguished Brazilian warrior who has championed many over his illustrious career, but Anthony Johnson may have the power and ground-and-pound skills to finish him. I am not seeing an easy submission over Johnson, however, so if Belfort wins, it will happen after the judges decide.

Jose Aldo will defeat Chad Mendes by round two TKO or by the judges’ decision. Obviously, as an American, I want Chad to be the first in many many fights to finally end Aldo impressive winning streak. But my gut feeling is that if Aldo doesn’t knock Mendes out in Round One, the championship match may go the distance and the judges will be left to make the decision.

Between these five “fight-predictions”, the four NFL game predictions, and the four Golden Globe predictions I’ve made, I’ve now made 13 predictions regarding events that will unfold this weekend! And I was concerned I might not be able to make 12! Well, let’s see how well I do!

Remember, making predictions like these is NEVER an EXACT science!

POST 1-17-12:

My forecast was that Erick Silva will beat Carlo Prater by TKO. Now I did NOT see the fight that evening. so after finding out online that Silva was disqualified for illegal punches to the back of the head, and believing the win went to Carlo Prater (which would have made this prediction an unsuccessful one), I found out through one of my Facebook friends, Scott Deyett, that the fight ended after Silva technically knocked out Prater. But a couple of minutes between the end of the fight and the official announcement, the judges overturned the win because one of Silva’s blows landed on the back of Prater’s head. The replay showed that maybe one punch accidentally went to the back of the head, but the rest landed more fairly towards the side. Apparently, even Joe Rogan was declaring it a bad call. Even the UFC seems to think so ( So I’m changing this this to a win! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

My forecast was that Barboza will beat Terry Etim by knock out, and Barboza apparently did so with a “spinning heal kick”… PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

My forecast was that Rousimar Palhares will defeat Mike Massenzio by submission, and Palhares did just that, but with by way of what’s called a “heel hook”, so although I didn’t get the exact method of submission right, I did anticipate a submission-win… PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

My forecast was that Anthony Johnson will defeat Vitor Belfort by TKO or Belfort will win after judges decision, but indeed it was Vitor Belfort who emerged triumphant with a rear-naked choke. This was a typical case of me simply getting all patriotic and praying for an American win. Vitor Belfort was also, in my opinion, too obvious of a winning choice, so I purposely went against my own gut-feeling just to be controversial. Unfortunately, I paid for it with a losing prognostication. PREDICTION: UNSUCCESSFUL

Finally, my forecast was that Jose Aldo will defeat Chad Mendes by round two TKO, and Jose Aldo did indeed beat Mendes by the end of round one by knock out with a nicely-timed knee. Close enough! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

For mixed martial arts, I will enjoy trying to pick future winners. FOUR out of FIVE, on my first public trial, is NOT BAD AT ALL. Booyah!!! 🙂

It’s much harder for me to predict home-team games for some reason. Perhaps it’s because my desire to want my home-teams to win surpasses my ability to make solid predictions. My family all lives in Maryland, USA, so as the Baltimore Ravens take on the Houston Texans this Sunday, January 15, I just KNOW it’s not going to be like their game in week 6, when we last crushed them. The Texans are now back for more and know what they’re dealing with this time, but Baltimore will have the home-team advantage. I predict that this is going to be a MESSY game– it’ll be our turn-overs against their turn-overs… But GO Ravens!!! We’re all cheering for you, Joe Flacco! There must be a mind-meld between Flacco and Ray Rice (and the rest of the team), to pull the Ravens to victory! Be at your BEST, and take down the Texans’ defense! End of game prediction: 27 to 24, Ravens win!

POST 1-17-12: As was commented below (and thank YOU sincerely for keeping up with all this, David!), The Raven beat the Texans 20 to 13, and as you can see, I also have it predicted above as a very close game as well. I had a great time celebrating on the air at Alfonso’s in Baltimore last night with my friends and 98 Rock DJ’s Stash and Matt Davis, with Ravens linebackers Jarret Johnson and Jameel McClain. It was a nice PACKED HOUSE and everyone was feeling festive and excited! As my prediction leaned in Ravens favor with a winning under ten points, I am going to count this as a “hit.”


They say the best offense is a strong defense. So the Giants and the unflappable Eli Manning will have that to contend with as Green Bay and Aaron Rogers, with their home field advantage and the unstoppable commitment of their fans attempt to take New York out of their comfort zone. My prediction is that the game will start with a Packers lead that will be fast pursued by the Giants as they pull off “miracle plays” to stay in the game. But reminiscent of the Denver’s December 18th loss against the Patriots, the Giants will need a lot of points to keep up with the Packers on their home turf. After a somewhat uncertain game, my end of game prediction is: 31 to 24, Green Bay wins by only a slight lead.

POST 1-17-12: Here is where I was “way off” – The Giants dominated over the Packers despite the their home-field advantage, putting huge pressure on Aaron Rogers and his teammates. Eli Manning and an incredible Giants defense completely outplayed Green Bay last Sunday. The only thing that would come true of this prediction is that it WAS a “tough match” for the Packers, indeed! Final Score was 37-20 with the win going to the Giants. Prediction: UNSUCCESSFUL

from Oscar Night Las Vegas, 2011

entry for the Golden Globe, Jan 15h:

Best Actress will go to the stunning Michelle Williams in “A Week With Marilyn” or to Meryl Streep in her AMAZING role as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.”

Best Actor will go to George Clooney, even though Brad Pitt and Leonard DiCaprio will make it an all-star gamble.

Finally, for Best Picture, as much as I truly loved Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”, my pick remains with George Clooney in “The Decendants” which may also get Best Screenplay.

As such, Best Director MAY go to Martin Scorcese.

At the event, someone will be noted for wearing a “bird” prominently on either their head or body. Someone else may be seen wearing “clocks” or a clocks printed on fabric…

POST 1-17-12:

This set of predictions went incredibly well! ALMOST as well as my televised last year’s Oscar’s prediction (which you can see here: on ABC’s The Morning Blend). This was a huge promotion for Oscar Night Las Vegas last year (see me on the Red Carpet here!

So this year, as I intended to re-pattern my brain so that I would “blog” and “tweet” more, I decided to include predictions of The Golden Globe Awards as part of my “12 predictions before the 12th day of 2012 blog-promotion” since they were scheduled to be announced last Sunday (which, for those of you not keeping track, was the 15th day of the year).

So here is the breakdown:

1) I found out that there is a Best Actress category in both Comedy and Drama at The Golden Globes. As you can see above I mentioned BOTH Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams. Well, Meryl Streep won “Best Actress in a Drama” and Michelle Williams won “Best Actress in a Comedy.” Can that please be made to count as TWO correct predictions for me? I need a “extra credit” now after my my NFL team got creamed by the Giants… PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

2) Best Actor went to George Clooney and he was indeed my guess! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

3) Best Picture went to “The Descendants” and that was my pick! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

4) Best Director went to Martin Scorcese and he was my pick! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

5) Last year I predicted at the Oscars “someone noted for cussing” and “a man dressing as a woman” and both turned out. This year I have yet to find anyone who was wearing a “clock patterned outfit”– but Emma Stone was pictured here with a “bird” (eagle) at her waste!