You Must Remember This: Your Brain Just Loves A Kiss

Researchers are learning a lot about kissing. If you are surprised that researchers study kissing, you really shouldn’t be. It’s quite possibly of fundamental importance to one of the most important decisions humans make: choosing a life partner.

There are many factors that go into choosing someone to kiss. It all begins with attraction of course, which researchers continue to find is based on some perception on our parts of the health and vigor of that potential mate. along with all kinds of mysterious x-factors. However when actually kissing, our brains become incredibly active and all kinds of chemical processes take place. Somewhere in the midst of this we choose to continue kissing, or not,  based on what these chemicals tell us. The longer we kiss, the better it becomes for us, as cortisol levels associated with stress go down, and oxytocin levels associated with bonding go up. And all this is just the beginning of what scientists theorize are three interrelated brain systems, one each for sex drive/attraction, romantic love and attachment. There is clearly much more research- and kissing- to be done.

So whether your love is brand new or one that has stood the test of time, why not make Valentines Day YOUR day of EXPERIMENTATION???