Last month, April 21st, I posted on this blog (in the last entry):

<<I’ve been wanting to exercise my sensitivity to feel a shift in the odds, when judging highly sensitive outcomes. Currently, I’ve heard buzz of the fact that Jon Jones (the current belt-holder and the much larger of the two) has 6 to 1 odds of beating former champion Rashad Evans. I also have heard that Barnett has a fair chance of beating Cormier (for May 19th in Strikeforce).

I want to come out before the start of the fights tonight by saying that although Jones has a HUGE advantage in size, youth, and quite possibly strength, the CHANCES are GOOD that the WIN will go to RASHAD EVANS. Sometimes the odds favoring someone else falls to the other side. Tonight, I’m just saying, there’s a good chance that that will happen. If it does, it may happen as a DECISION WIN.

Though I’m no gambler, I’m doubling-down my odds-beater for a Cormier win over Josh Barnett in May.>>

Last night’s Strikeforce main event was the grand finale of the Heavyweight Grand Prix, and as I predicted nearly a month ago, Daniel Cormier defeated the much larger Josh Barnett with an upset-win after a unanimous judges decision.

Although my prediction last month of an Evans victory didn’t go quite as planned, Evans had only a 1 out of 6 chance of beating Jones, and yet managed to fight Jones to a decision loss, so regardless, I did predict it would go to a decision, and I did predict several upset-fights for that evening’s card, and finished off with a successful “long distance upset-prediction” of  last night’s Cormier-victory!

Daniel Cormier, a native of Louisiana, who wasn’t originally even supposed to be a part of the Strikeforce Grand Prix, came in as a last minute replacement for Alistair Overeem after an injury when the Grand Prix began. As a virtual no-name, Cormier quickly rose to the top and took the Heavyweight Champion Belt with now an unblemished 10 and 0 record!