Here's Clover

I had to take a short time off from making predictions… Basically my life being a performer/presenter ended up getting in the way of everything. I was just about to get started into making fun American Idol predictions when suddenly a “busy-spell” hit. I had a corporate event that I had to do for a venture capital group, then only had a limited amount of time to complete writing a 60 minute live program designed for “Guaranteed Improved Memory.” This was followed by family events, another corporate event in Boston for a high tech company, an association event in Minnesota, the Easter Holiday, and a show in Aruba. As a small business, my earnings can almost directly be related to how much I am asked to make appearances, and this brings me to my first subject…

Recently, the General Services Administration received a bit of grief after hiring a “mindreader and motivational speaker” for their Las Vegas Convention, at taxpayers expense. I just want to say that although they did approach me, I intuitively knew not to accept that engagement… Seriously however, as hugely over-the-top as the GSA may have been overall, let me take a moment to stand for the speaker entertainer. Having a competent and entertaining speaker appear at events of any kind, in my opinion can be seen as an investment as opposed to an extravagance. A good entertainer, regardless of the gimmick that they use to convey their message, will inspire, educate, excite and entertain a group into realizing their own importance as individuals within your company or agency as well as a valuable asset to their team. A good speaker will polarise a company towards positive action while engaging them and making it fun. Las Vegas is fun. So why mind at all that our tax dollars would go to making a Vegas trip include some good clean fun? Compared to the Secret Service scandal in Cartagena, Columbia, this is a bit more than apples to oranges…

Going back to my American Idol predictions, I had let so much time pass, and I HAVEN’T been keeping track of any of it, that I am going to leave it hanging for now. The last time I looked, I had about three out of five correct, but I will have to verify, and that’s the part that is the most painstaking in doing these predictions. Being the father of a six year old, perhaps I’ve reached the threshold of feeling I should only have to be put through so much with regards to uninteresting time-consumption.


While March Madness, American Idol and the GOP nominee seemed to be concerning the lives of most Americans, I made predictions in far less globally important things. A kitten followed me and my family home (while walking our two dogs) from the park. I predicted that as smart and friendly as she was, I didn’t think she was “tagged,” (which allows pet owners to track down their pets by GPS) and that we would be able to keep her. This prediction was SUCCESSFUL, so now our newest member of our family is “Clover,” a black and white tuxedo kitten! And since cats run the internet, I have attached a photo… (see above)

Within a week before I had to leave for Aruba (which was a very fun trip!), I found myself with a misplaced passport. My wife “looked everywhere” and had given up completely at trying to locate it. So allowing my mind to settle into a calm subconscious state, I made two predictions. First, that I would find it in my old studio, which is currently under reconstruction, and second, that I would find it in a “drawer.” Sure enough, when I walked into my studio and opened the first drawer I came to, I found my passport. WIN! 🙂

Also during this time, I was considering how I might make a prediction regarding the recently won Mega-Million Dollar Lottery. I decided that rather than try to predict the number that would win (which might have been interesting), I would try to predict which US state that would announce the winner. So I asked, on Facebook, for anyone who felt like it, to imagine which US STATE they thought the lottery might be won in, and then post five of the first US states that came to mind. It ended up being a “wash” however. Although the majority of my friends DID predict my home-state of Maryland, I ended up deleting and disqualifying all of my MD entries since I figured that it would be mentioned because either I or they came from that state. in the end, as if for the sole purpose to screw up my experiment, Maryland was the US state where it was won… just not by me.

Meanwhile in my January 6th, 2012 entry of this blog, where I practically opened this year’s blog with the joke, “‘the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’ … would be a great line for a rapper,” I replied to a comment after being asked if I had any scientific breakthrough predictions for 2012 saying, “I see us getting very close, if not ready to release the first “quantum computer” that may be partially thought-controlled!”

Recently I found this link regarding the possible discovery of a subatomic particle called the Majorana Fermion, which if confirmed, may very well be useful in carrying bits of information used in Quantum Computers! Check out: