Last year, The Academy, along with the help of Variety, The Children’s Charity of Southern Nevada, held a special promotion in Las Vegas which commissioned me to predict in advance the Academy Awards 30 days ahead of time, after which it was sealed in a lock-box and kept secure at the Nevada Federal Credit until the day after Oscar Night, when its contents was finally revealed on ABC’s The Morning Blend The prediction was just short of being dead-on, along with predictions of James Franco dressing as a woman, and Melissa Leo cursing out loud on stage!

On January 9th of this year, I made FIVE predictions on this very blog for the Golden Globe Awards (SIX days in advance), and was dead-on with all my picks including that someone would be “seen wearing a bird on their body”, after which Emma Stone was seen wearing a large “Eagle” as her belt ornament!

This year, Feb 26th, 2012, although I was invited, I forfeited attending the Oscar Night in Las Vegas so I could attend the National Association of Campus Activities on that same weekend in Charlotte, NC! I’ve been entertaining university campuses all over America for a good long while but have been mostly “out of the scene” for a few years now. So this year, though I won’t be showcasing the mainstage, I WILL be represented by GP Entertainment at their booth along with the TLC Ghost Hunters, Chris Fleming from Psychic Kids, and singer songwriter, Jackie Tohn!

My college/university program is, simply put, a “Nu-Way” of seeing yourself. Using demonstrations of mind control, psychic awareness, and experiencing the inexplicable, students get to watch themselves read each other’s minds, predict the future, and witness as solid metal spoons bend and twist like snakes!!! Entertaining people with notions that defy the impossible is my personal specialty!

At the GP Entertainment BOOTH at the NACA National Conference, I will POST my Oscar Predictions for THIS YEAR that will be announced on that SAME SUNDAY NIGHT, so in case you’re planning on being there and you’re reading this, come by and say hello, and check my predictions against the outcome that same weekend!!!

HERE are my 2012 OSCAR PICKS as of Feb 17th at 9am (9 days prior to Oscar Night!):

(The Academy Awards will all be given on the evening of FEB 26th on ABC)

BEST ACTRESS: will end up being a toss up between Viola Davis in “The Help” and the amazing Meryl Streep in “The Iron Lady”, but my gut tells me that Viola Davis will receive the Oscar that evening. Upon receiving it, she will shed some tears but will say something (regarding her family?) that will cause laughter.

BEST ACTOR: will likewise be a toss up between George Clooney in “The Descendants” and Jean Dujardin in “The Artist,” and this time I think the Oscar will go to the very talented Jean Dujardin!  He will “act out” in some way– something memorable will happen.

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: will easily go to “Rango.”

BEST DIRECTOR : Though Martin Scorcese won the Golden Globe for Best Director (which I predicted last month), the Oscar will be given to Michel Hazanavicius for his work on “The Artist” and he will receive the award with dignity.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: will go to Octavia Spencer who also won the Golden Globe Award for her role in “The Help.” She will be genuinely thrilled at receiving this award and say something (like an old saying?) that will get a huge laugh from the audience.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: I didn’t mention him during the Golden Globe Awards, but he did win Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Beginners” with Ewan McGregor. If Christopher Plummer takes home the Oscar, this will be his first one– and I predict he WILL and with dignity!

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Brad Pitt in the Moneyball will be the main contender, but my FIRST thought was to say “The Descendants” will take home the Oscar, and after my lesson learned from Super Bowl XLVI, in which I decidedly turned against my original (and correct) thought, this time I’m sticking with “The Descendants.”

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: I’m feeling, will go to “Midnight in Paris” written and directed by the incomparable Woody Allen. A good friend tells me that he will not be attending the Oscars and that he never does. Nonetheless,  he will be genuinely appreciative and may say something smart, witty, and succinct in the privacy of his own home to those in his company.

BEST PICTURE: will go to “The Artist” who I predict will also take home the most (3) Oscars this year, followed by “The Help” which will take home two awards.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: There will be a celebratory incident after the awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel at the Polo Club later that evening. “Something else” will happen on that same evening that may take some attention away from the televised event on that evening- it’s unclear, but possibly political or an act of God.

NOW COME VISIT ME at the NACA NAtional Conference in Charlotte, NC Feb 25 through 29 to check my predictions and EVEN WATCH the Academy Awards on TV with ME on that SUNDAY NIGHT!!!

POST 2-27-12:

First of all, I want to THANK all of you, who stopped by to visit me here in this little part of the “inter-web” to take part in following my 2012 Oscar picks, and THANK YOU especially to all the students who stopped by to visit me in person at GP Entertainment ( My time spent with delegates from hundreds of universities and colleges at the NACA National Conference held this year in Charlotte, NC, was a phenomenal one– I met SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE from all over the United States, and it was exciting and fun to share with them some of my signature demonstrations. Throughout Saturday and Sunday, each time I mentioned my Oscar Predictions, students were snapping photos of our board that posted them with their cellphones, and anticipating whether or not I would get any of them right (!).

True, much has changed over the past few decades for the Oscars. Once upon a time, it was much easier to predict the results as it seemed as if there were far less blockbuster movies that came out each year. These days, with all the independent efforts that are put out in the film industry, trying to nail an overall prediction for the Academy Awards has become far more difficult. Nonetheless, NINE DAYS before last night, I decided to quickly post my initial thoughts…

THE RESULTS: I got EIGHT out of NINE correct, missing only on Best Actress, which I predicted would be Viola Davis (it was my FIRST entry, so perhaps I was not yet quite in my “zone.” At any rate, BIG CONGRATULATIONS  to Meryl Streep (who I inwardly did feel was most deserving of the Oscar)! I even posted on my Facebook Page ( on February 22, that I actually WANTED Meryl Streep to win Best Actress, but that Viola Davis entered my mind first, so let’s hear it for the Law of Governing Intention! In a way, however, this opens up a new lesson for us in the “predicting department”:

The best thing to know about uncertainty, is that is its NATURE. There is no “rule” on how to predict the future that anyone can ALWAYS depend on. And sometimes, intention appears to be a genuine outlying factor to uncertainty.  So maybe the best set of rules to making successful predictions is to “go with your gut impression,” try your best to “do so with no emotional expectation,” and consider that emotional pitch may sway some outcomes. As this blog shows, predicting the future is not an exact science. But what I’ll predict NOW is that we can learn to control the consistency of making the right choice MOST OF THE TIME, even in the most random circumstances. And although at first it might not seem relevant, showing a regular consistency over chance IS actually quite interesting! So far, I have been hitting an average of about 89%, and that’s STILL hitting an “honor roll” GPA for my guesses!

Because of the NACA conference scheduling, unfortunately, I was in the middle of meeting-and-greeting with everyone in the exhibit hall while the Oscars were being aired, so my plan to watch the Oscars with students at NACA Nationals in Charlotte was stifled, and I unfortunately did not get a chance to see them. Nonetheless, just counting the awards alone, I got 8 out of 9 CORRECT- about 89%, squeaking me into the honor roll category Indiana Jones-style!