I know I’m running late, but with only a few hours to go, I will make my prediction right NOW, at 12:30pm EST on Feb 4th for this evening’s match ups. That way, if you want to see how well I do in the LEAST amount of time, just check the outcomes against my predictions later tonight to see how well I did. I think it starts at 7pm EST. I did pretty well on my picks for UFC 142, so let’s see what happens this time! I am not attending, nor am I watching these fights, but my 11 predictions for UFC 143 are as follows:

1) Rafael Natal wins over Michael Kuiper by judges decision

2) Stephen Thompson wins over Dan Stittgen by knock out by Round 2

3) Matt Brown beats Chris Cope until he can submit by rear naked choke in Round 1

4) Edwin Figueroa beats Alex Caceres after three rounds by judges decision

5) Matt Riddle defeats Henry Martinez by knockout in Round 1

6) Dustin Poirier defeats  Max Holloway by submission by Round 2

7) Clifford Starks beats Ed Herman by TKO or KO-to-submission by Round 3

8) Renan Barao will defeat Scott Jorgensen after three rounds by judges decision

9) Josh Koscheck will beat Mike Pierce by K-O to submission by end of Round 2

10) Fabricio Werdum will win over Roy Nelson by round one submission- maybe an anaconda choke

11) Nick Diaz will beat Carlos Condit by knock-out in Round 3

May “the force” be with them!

POST 2-5-12: I made the whole prediction in a rush, and so I know I didn’t call many of the outcomes to specs, but from a WIN/LOSS perspective, it seems I called 9 out of 11 wins, but missed on both Condit’s and Herman’s win. Congratulations to all of the winners! Especially to Condit, for a tremendous win against Diaz! I will come back and analyze my more exact misses, but I don’t think I did too  badly for twenty minutes of meditative guessing and knowing only a few of the contenders by name! B+!

For now, I am both excited and nervous about my controversial Super Bowl prediction… Either way it goes, however, be it the Patriots or the Giants, I will come away having learned something…