It has been such a busy couple of weeks for me, and so I am getting to this blog WAY past the time I was expecting to. Regardless, I am ready to test myself once again, for better or for worse, to see if my (so far, AVERAGE) football predicting abilities will create for me an interesting win…

Nonetheless, one of my favorite quotes of all time, comes from a French “clown-philosopher” named Jacques LeCoq. He states, “It’s not whether you win or fail, but that when you fail, you fail magnificently.”

Well, in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, I feel I may have gone back and forth too many times… I may have simply over-thought it to the point that I’ll come out incorrect no matter which direction I choose! So I will head the words of Jacques Le Coq, as I make this week’s last-minute Super Bowl Prediction, on this Saturday morning, February 4th, the DAY BEFORE the big day…

When I feel that I have “over-thought” a predicted outcome, I often find the best thing for me to do is to simply go with my very FIRST guess. In this case, I ran into a problem because although I have great respect for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, I have a desire for the Giants to win this year. That said, it’s important, when making predictions, not to rely in the direction of what you desire. This is similar to why it’s been said that it’s important to not let one’s imagination affect any attempts at being clairvoyant.

No matter, football games are about the most difficult 2-way predictions to make. By the playoffs, all the teams are at the top of their divisions, and ANYTHING can spoil the team you’re betting on. In my, so far, four football-prediction attempts this year, only two were successful. Making this Super Bowl Prediction a nerve-racking one for me.

The reason why I’m so nervous about this, is because I’m about to bet against my desired-thought, which was also my FIRST-thought, just to see if a funny omen I had might represent “significant information.” The omen was that, weeks ago, although I had already predicted the Giants would win in my mind, I asked my 6 year old nephew what his pick was, and he told me that he thought the win was going to go to The Patriots. The thing is, when I asked him, I did so secretly to see if he would agree with my pick.  When he didn’t go with my pick, I found myself struck with the notion that this might be a sign that my pick would be over-turned. Since then The Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski suffered an injury during their most recent game against the Baltimore Ravens, and the New York Giants seem to be getting the majority of the win-votes, at least from those recently who I’ve spoken to. But my 6 year old nephew confidently told me that he thought the Patriots would win… Hmmmm…

I predict that this will be a turbulent game, filled with multiple interceptions from both sides. Tom Brady needs to watch out for losing his composure if he gets sacked too much. Though he will be throwing his share of touch-down passes, many will go incomplete. The Giants are going to start off very aggressively. They will be in the lead by half time, but I am going to predict (based on my nephew’s insights) that there may be a “spoiler moment,” (maybe a significant interception or field goal), that may turn the scoreboard against the Giants by the end.

Yesterday, I was on Baltimore’s 98 ROCK Morning Show, and when they asked me about the Super Bowl, I blurted out, “Patriots over Giants by under 7.” So I guess we’ll see what side the coin lands on. Either way, I’m learning something from this!

Final Score: 31 to 28, New England Patriots! (against my initial judgement)

POST 2-5-12 (Post Game):

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Although the outcome of my stated prediction turned out unsuccessfully, DOESN’T that help prove to you, my readers, that this prediction-blog isn’t fixed? Here, at “Nu Predicts,” I simply blog about what I think will be a future outcome, and then respond to how I feel it turned out. And I plan to do it over and over again to collect as many predictions as I can win or fail. There are no “magic tricks” here.

So what’s the point?

Obviously, I am interested in developing a method, or at least instill certain rules, so I might learn to be more confident at making accurate predictions of uncertain outcomes. I said at the very beginning of this entry as part of my initial prediction: Whenever you feel you have over-thought a prediction, simply try to go back to your very first thought and stick with that! So here, you get to see me learn the hard way, NEVER to let my own uncertainty, be over-ruled by superstitions, of any kind, like “omens.” The power of one’s purest initial instinct is your most trusted source when the outcome is completely uncertain.

What I found interesting about this is this was that the first half was almost as I had predicted with the Giants mostly holding a significant lead. Within the final minute, The Patriots had the ball, and if a touchdown was caught, it would have been a spoiler for the Giants. But Eli Manning and the Giants came out with a well-deserved victory!

For something that appears from the outside to be easy to predict, the sport of football is VERY TOUGH to predict, but I learned something here about the way I think: Sometimes I use information around me as an oracle to help me gain insight. This is not a bad thing to do necessarily, but it should never override an outcome already inside me. I tend to do that sometimes, and this time, it cost me a successful prediction. Herein ends my “magnificent FAIL.”