I must admit making predictions on a regular basis can wear a guy out!

I have been performing at a few private events in and around DC, and am planning a Morning Show appearance on Baltimore’s 98 Rock sometime very soon. I also plan on adding more predictions VERY SOON, but for now, since my blog got quiet for a week, I offer you a couple of true moments from my life…


Inexplicable Love Stories

When I was sixteen, it was the eighties. The Clash, The Cars… Journey… I met a friendly, flirtatious, and free-spirited girl named Susan, who became a friend of mine through another mutual friend, and on this afternoon, I was traveling by bus past the University of Maryland to Beltway Plaza to meet her.

She was fairly attractive but we were just friends. I had spent a good part of my boyhood, being attracted to various members of the opposite sex but never found myself in a serious relationship. As I looked out the window, the passing scenery always caused my mind to wander, and today I was thinking about “the one” – that one person who I would fall in love with and one day ask to marry me. Who was she? Could it be Susan?

Doubtful. I always had a vision of who I was going to end up as my wife from the very beginning of my childhood. The girl in my dreams was a blonde, and Susan was a brunette. The girl in my dreams was a musician, and Susan only liked listening to music. But the girl in my dreams was also, it seemed, what any guy in the world could want, and on top of that completely out of reach for a quirky, geeky boy like myself.

The bus pulled over in front of the mall, and there, waiting for me was Susan, wearing a lavender tee-shirt from Ocean City, MD, with a decal of a unicorn on the front. Susan was 15, tallish, with mouse-brown hair about shoulder length. Stepping off the bus, I remember thinking that she was a bit too tall for my taste, or perhaps I was a bit too short for her. We walked behind the shopping center, cutting through the back-way to get into the Springhill Lake Apartments where she lived, when suddenly, I saw her. The girl of my dreams! I seemed to just know it as soon as I saw her. I remember the feeling because it felt impossible, even though I had no reason or proof, and rationally speaking, I had no right to know where any of it was going. Even her name, Tanya, sounded right to me. She was so beautiful, long straight blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans, and carrying a violin case. We went over to Tanya’s home and met her mother. She was an also attractive blonde woman who spoke with a passionate and opinionated German accent, yet she welcomed me into their little apartment as if I was already a member of the family. I found it difficult to maintain a cool composure around Tanya as her mother made us tea – I was just so certain of my knowing that she was the one I had always dreamed of, but how could I tell her this? Just then, I found out that although she was attending high school and just a year behind me, Tanya had skipped a few grades and was only thirteen years old. I had an attraction to Tanya that I had never felt before for anyone else. I remember thinking at the time, “It’s too bad she’s too young for me.” I also wasn’t sure what she even thought of me, but I did feel we connected somehow, so what more could I do at this point but to leave it to chance? Before Susan and I moved on, I casually left Tanya my phone number and prayed that she would call me… Twelve years later, we were married, and we’ve remained married since.

Fast-forward to recently. When my daughter was four years old, I had a funny experience that happened within a dream. It was early in the morning, around 5 am, and I was in one of those half awake, half asleep states in which I knew that I was dreaming of these funny brightly-colored cartoon-like dinosaurs, but sensible enough to wonder why I was dreaming of these peculiar images and I remember wondering why these things were in my head. As I lay there, slightly confused from the content of my dream, I started to wake up more and realized my daughter must have slid in bed next to me in the middle of the night as she was now asleep with her head touching mine. Suddenly, while still asleep, I heard her whisper, “Dinosaurs.”

Did my daughter just read my thoughts while talking in her sleep, or perhaps, could I have been tapping into my four year old daughter’s dream? As much as I enjoy occasionally contemplating dinosaurs on my own, it seemed less likely that I was the one dreaming of dinosaurs, especially cartoon ones, so it seemed logical to assume that in that fleeting moment, I was the one who was seeing into my daughter’s subconscious thoughts, and not the other way around. But either way it doesn’t matter. I simply love the feeling at being amazed enough within a moment that it causes me to contemplate how little we know about everything around us.