To kick off the new year for 2012, I promised myself that I would make twelve real and open predictions all of which were blogged and then promoted through Facebook and Twitter in advance. I challenged myself by saying that these all needed to be submitted before the 12th day of 2012, last Thursday. You see, without giving myself a goal like this, I probably would have never started blogging! But low and behold, I even managed to get in a few more than 12 predictions by Jan 11th!

Recent scientific research on the study of “chance” has proven that we have a capacity that is strangely above what would be considered average (50/50) and that most ordinary human beings will show an ability that is strange in that they will consistently be able to predict completely uncertain outcomes at sometimes over 4% above average!

So with myself as the guinea pig, I set out to see how well I would do, making sure that most all of my forecasts would unfold over this past weekend. Thus, I chose to make predictions on the five main fight cards for the Ultimate Fighting Championships 142 (mixed martial arts), the four scheduled NFL Playoff Games, and the awards given at the Golden Globe Awards. It settled on fifteen total predictions – originally, there were 13 official predictions made, but one “outlier” Golden Globe prediction which I mentioned at the end of that same entry did actually uncannily manifest (regarding Emma Stone’s dress) PLUS my prediction regarding Best Actress mentioned BOTH Best Actresses that were given awards, so in that case, I managed to unintentionally get TWO for one!

POST 1-21-12: I made 15 open predictions (the 13 original, plus one unintentional success and one successful outlier) “from the savage to the sublime” before Jan 11th, that would be revealed one by one over last weekend (Jan 14 and 15, 2012). Let’s now examine how well I did overall…

My goal was to make 12 predictions before the 12th day of 2012, which would subsequently be seen to unfold and manifest. Once I chose the 4 NFL Playoffs, the 5 main fight match-ups for UFC 142, and 6 Golden Globe prognostications, I ended up entering 15 predictions knowing that all outcomes could be retrospectively checked after the weekend was over.

You can go through and read each entry along with my “post-prediction analysis” as everything has been updated below, but my overall predictions score is as follows:

NFL Playoffs 1-14-12 and 1-15-12:
New England Patriots over Denver Broncos: SUCCESSFUL
New Orleans Saints over San Francisco 49ers: UNSUCCESSFUL
Green Bay Packers over New York Giants: UNSUCCESSFUL
Baltimore Ravens over Houston Texans: SUCCESSFUL

Golden Globe Awards 1-15-12:
Best Actress (Comedy) Michelle Williams: SUCCESSFUL
Best Actress (Drama) Meryl Streep: SUCCESSFUL (UNINTENTIONAL)
Best Actor George Clooney: SUCCESSFUL
Best Director Martin Scorcese: SUCCESSFUL
Best Picture “The Descendants”: SUCCESSFUL
“Bird” worn on “Body” (Emma Stone): SUCCESSFUL (OUTLIER)

UFC 142 Match-Ups 1-14-12:
Silva TKO’s Prater: “technically” SUCCESSFUL (see below)
Barboza knocks out Etim: SUCCESSFUL
Palhares submits Massenzio: SUCCESSFUL
Johnson TKO’s Belfort: UNSUCCESSFUL
Aldo defeats Mendes by Round 2: SUCCESSFUL

So out of 15 total predictions, 12 predictions DID correctly manifest by the 12th day of 2012!!!

And just what does that mean?

Well, it means you can be sure that I’ll be making more predictions in the coming weeks and months!

Please keep checking back!