My apologies if this prediction sounds ambiguous. The GOP has been experiencing a turbulent race for those running against Mitt Romney. It has become pretty apparent that Romney has all the qualifiers to become the GOP nominee elected to oppose Obama in November. But I can’t help but feel that “something” is going to happen with regards to Ron Paul… I am sensing that something surprising IS GOING TO HAPPEN, and I can’t help but feel that it will involve Ron Paul… I guess we’ll see…

POST 1-19-12: Nothing surprising in that Ron Paul runs “off the beaten track,” but this past week was nothing short of surprise after surprise… especially with Ron Paul.

Firstly, results from the Jan 10, 2012 New Hampshire Republican Primary listed Ron Paul as coming in 2nd Place at 22.9% to Mitt Romney who had 39.3% and with John Huntsman trailing behind him with 16.9%. My prediction appeared on this blog on Jan 11, just after this was reported.

Monday’s article on John Huntsman, who took THIRD place in New Hampshire, with the other three hopefuls trailing significantly behind suddenly announced his dropping out:
As the article states, “Now unless the pack of three bringing up the rear in the race can see a resurgence of success on the road to the South Carolina primary, the path to the Republican Party nomination seems certain to be a two-man race between Romney and Paul.”

It clearly seemed as if Ron Paul was gaining momentum here.

But come Monday’s South Carolina debate, Ron Paul got repeatedly “booed” each time he answered questions on foreign policy. Rick Perry even suggested that a “gong” be used to get him to stop talking. Can that qualify as “surprising”? Read this article:

Meanwhile, Ron Paul does makes a “surprising” maneuver himself. He leaves South Carolina…

As Juana Summers of Politico mentions, “His listless approach to South Carolina isn’t going to change dramatically before Saturday’s primary: The Texas congressman is leaving the campaign trail Wednesday to return to Washington for a largely symbolic vote on the debt ceiling increase. Paul’s campaign says he’ll be back in the state Thursday morning, but that doesn’t leave much time for retail since there’s a debate scheduled that evening.” Read more: