They say the best offense is a strong defense. So the Giants and the unflappable Eli Manning will have that to contend with as Green Bay and Aaron Rogers, with their home field advantage and the unstoppable commitment of their fans attempt to take New York out of their comfort zone. My prediction is that the game will start with a Packers lead that will be fast pursued by the Giants as they pull off “miracle plays” to stay in the game. But reminiscent of the Denver’s December 18th loss against the Patriots, the Giants will need a lot of points to keep up with the Packers on their home turf. After a somewhat uncertain game, my end of game prediction is: 31 to 24, Green Bay wins by only a slight lead.

POST 1-17-12: Here is where I was “way off” – The Giants dominated over the Packers despite the their home-field advantage, putting huge pressure on Aaron Rogers and his teammates. Eli Manning and an incredible Giants defense completely outplayed Green Bay last Sunday. The only thing that would come true of this prediction is that it WAS a “tough match” for the Packers, indeed! Final Score was 37-20 with the win going to the Giants. Prediction: UNSUCCESSFUL