It’s much harder for me to predict home-team games for some reason. Perhaps it’s because my desire to want my home-teams to win surpasses my ability to make solid predictions. My family all lives in Maryland, USA, so as the Baltimore Ravens take on the Houston Texans this Sunday, January 15, I just KNOW it’s not going to be like their game in week 6, when we last crushed them. The Texans are now back for more and know what they’re dealing with this time, but Baltimore will have the home-team advantage. I predict that this is going to be a MESSY game– it’ll be our turn-overs against their turn-overs… But GO Ravens!!! We’re all cheering for you, Joe Flacco! There must be a mind-meld between Flacco and Ray Rice (and the rest of the team), to pull the Ravens to victory! Be at your BEST, and take down the Texans’ defense! End of game prediction: 27 to 24, Ravens win!

POST 1-17-12: As was commented below (and thank YOU sincerely for keeping up with all this, David!), The Raven beat the Texans 20 to 13, and as you can see, I also have it predicted above as a very close game as well. I had a great time celebrating on the air at Alfonso’s in Baltimore last night with my friends and 98 Rock DJ’s Stash and Matt Davis, with Ravens linebackers Jarret Johnson and Jameel McClain. It was a nice PACKED HOUSE and everyone was feeling festive and excited! As my prediction leaned in Ravens favor with a winning under ten points, I am going to count this as a “hit.”