from Oscar Night Las Vegas, 2011

entry for the Golden Globe, Jan 15h:

Best Actress will go to the stunning Michelle Williams in “A Week With Marilyn” or to Meryl Streep in her AMAZING role as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.”

Best Actor will go to George Clooney, even though Brad Pitt and Leonard DiCaprio will make it an all-star gamble.

Finally, for Best Picture, as much as I truly loved Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”, my pick remains with George Clooney in “The Decendants” which may also get Best Screenplay.

As such, Best Director MAY go to Martin Scorcese.

At the event, someone will be noted for wearing a “bird” prominently on either their head or body. Someone else may be seen wearing “clocks” or a clocks printed on fabric…

POST 1-17-12:

This set of predictions went incredibly well! ALMOST as well as my televised last year’s Oscar’s prediction (which you can see here: on ABC’s The Morning Blend). This was a huge promotion for Oscar Night Las Vegas last year (see me on the Red Carpet here!

So this year, as I intended to re-pattern my brain so that I would “blog” and “tweet” more, I decided to include predictions of The Golden Globe Awards as part of my “12 predictions before the 12th day of 2012 blog-promotion” since they were scheduled to be announced last Sunday (which, for those of you not keeping track, was the 15th day of the year).

So here is the breakdown:

1) I found out that there is a Best Actress category in both Comedy and Drama at The Golden Globes. As you can see above I mentioned BOTH Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams. Well, Meryl Streep won “Best Actress in a Drama” and Michelle Williams won “Best Actress in a Comedy.” Can that please be made to count as TWO correct predictions for me? I need a “extra credit” now after my my NFL team got creamed by the Giants… PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

2) Best Actor went to George Clooney and he was indeed my guess! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

3) Best Picture went to “The Descendants” and that was my pick! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

4) Best Director went to Martin Scorcese and he was my pick! PREDICTION: SUCCESSFUL

5) Last year I predicted at the Oscars “someone noted for cussing” and “a man dressing as a woman” and both turned out. This year I have yet to find anyone who was wearing a “clock patterned outfit”– but Emma Stone was pictured here with a “bird” (eagle) at her waste!