Drew Brees, Darren Sproles, and the unstoppable Saints will show New Orleans domination despite traveling to Candlestick Park, the 49ers home field… San Francisco was the first city I ever lived in and CA was my birthplace, but for all my love for the 49ers provincially, New Orleans will score big points and San Francisco will fight hard, but the strength and spirit of New Orleans prevails.

POST 1-16-12: Oh well, You win some and you lose some. The Saints ended up losing, but after an absolutely amazing game against San Francisco on their home turf– the San Francisco fans were RELENTLESS at cheering on their team– The 49ers were ahead by just a few points for most of the game until the final 4 minutes or so. Suddenly, The Saints pulled ahead by about 3 to 4 points, and the look on the faces of the fans was of utter concern. I was hoping my prediction for a New Orleans win would solidify, but couldn’t help but feel very sorry for all the fans in San Francisco. Well, in the final 2 minutes, The 49ers managed to go up against the odds and change the tide with an impressive touchdown by Vernon Davis who managed to change the tides of uncertainty to their favor. Now they are off to play the Giants (the other NFL prediction of mine that went bad)…

As far as “failed predictions” are concerned, I made a couple of misses in last year’s Oscar predictions as well… BUT I did hit about 90 percent and then some with other random happenings. As with anything that is uncertain, the hope is that one somehow learns to get better at understanding its elusive laws over time. I think that it has to do with first learning how to trust your senses over your desires. I have had some of the most memorable times of my life in New Orleans (legally even!) and it was my love for the city and its people that desired this win.
So in conclusion, I must give a solid congratulations to the 49ers and the fans for showing us how the game is really played: With smarts, skill, determination, and pure athletic talent!