Right after my 2011 predictions were sent out to my newsletter, I was immediately contacted to predict what will happen at this year’s Oscars by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as a way to create anticipation for Oscar Night America Las Vegas, held at the luxurious Brenden Theatres at the Palms Casino Resort!

I knew that at 5:30am Pacific time January 25th, the Academy would announce the Oscar award nominees, so early that morning, in Las Vegas, I wrote down my initial thoughts, then I gift-wrapped my written prediction with nice “Oscar-gold” paper and ribbons, stuffed it all into a manila padded envelope, and then appeared on ABC Channel 13’s The Morning Blend, to tell everyone what was going to come next…


Robin Leach also makes mention of my sealed prediction stunt on his Luxe Life column for the Las Vegas Weekly HERE:


Of course, the only right thing for Mr. Leach to do was to give Holly Madison the pictorial– but it was nice to have my stunt be the first thing mentioned. Thank you, Robin! I hope to draw more celebrity interest to Oscar Night America Las Vegas, as it helps to raise money for Variety, the Children’s Charity of Southern Nevada, whose particular interest in helping children with special needs was originally founded by people in the entertainment industry.

Starting on the evening of the January 24th, I stayed in Johnny Brenden’s fabulous Brenden Celebrity Suite, both a secret full service suite as well as a museum of family photos of both Johnny and his grandfather, Ted Mann (of Mann Theatres) decked out with a worldwide jungle theme and fully equipped with its own shark tank! The notion that my stay above the Brenden Theatres before I was to be there a month later might give me a possible improved psychic vantage point to make my prediction is certainly MY way to live life!

On my first night, I had the opportunity of meeting David Seidler, screenplay writer of The King’s Speech (He was giving a talk earlier that day, and was on his way back to LA to hear the nominations that were being announced the next morning). At 4am the next morning, as I sat in my beautiful Hollywood/Vegas surroundings, I wrote my prediction, and confidentially, though I won’t mention too much, had a good feeling for The King’s Speech, and Seidler. Incidentally, DON’T miss The King’s Speech! The wonderful buzz around this film is something I am eager to see surface into reality!

Come walk the Red Carpet with me “Vegas-style” at Oscar Night America Las Vegas February 27, 2011!